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Sleep-Wake Polysomnographic EEG

PsychoGenics offers a variety of translational EEG approaches including Pharmaco-EEG to study the effects of CNS active compounds on brain activity and polysomnographic EEG or Sleep-EEG, which measures impaired sleep continuity, disinhibition of REM sleep and changes of non-REM (NREM) sleep and wakefulness and can be applied to the study of CNS active molecules and animal models of CNS disorders. We offer custom electrode configurations for EEG, ECoG, and local field potential (LFP) recordings from cortical and subcortical regions as well as muscle electromyography (EMG) and electrocardiography (ECG) using our scalable tethered or telemetric (wireless) platforms for which we record up to 48 rats or mice simultaneously.


Sleep is essential for normal cognitive function and overall health and is an important consideration in the development of novel therapeutics for many CNS disorders. Although the complexity of sleep architecture varies between species, it is relatively conserved across mammals and shares features which are comparable making it an ideal translational measure. We offer manual or automated Sleep Scoring. Typical study outcome measures generated for each of the 4 sleep stages (Active and Quiet Wake, NREM and REM sleep) include REM Onset, NREM Onset, REM Latency, total sleep time, sleep architecture (percent time in each sleep stage), hypnograms, as well as sleep transitions, micro-arousals, sequential REM bouts, and sleep spindles. Sleep-stage specific qEEG is presented as line plots and as bar graphs summarized by power band.

Figure 2: Sleep-Wake EEG reveals caffeine promoted wakefulness and increased latency to NREM and REM Sleep. (A) Caffeine increases time to sleep and the onset of REM sleep (B) Administration of caffeine increases time spent in active wake (Left Panel) and decreases the time spent in sleep (Right Panel) (C) Hypnograms covering 90-min pre-dose and 4-h post caffeine, demonstrating the increase of active and quiet wake state. *p<0.05 [(t-test)].