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Quantification of Phosphoproteins and Secondary Messengers

On-target effects of compounds can be evaluated by quantification of brain phosphoproteins and secondary messengers. PsychoGenics has set up and validated brain focused microwave irradiation technology for maximal preservation of phosphorylated proteins and secondary messengers in vivo.

Figure 1: PDE10 Inhibition increases CREB Phosporylation. Stimulation of phosphorylation of CREB (Ser133) by the PDE10 inhibitor TP-10. Mice were treated subcutaneously with either vehicle (40% Beta-cyclodextrin) or TP-10 (3.2 mg/kg) for 30 minutes and were then sacrificed by focused microwave irradiation. Striatal pCREB levels were analyzed with Western blot (Top Panel) (each lane corresponds to a single animal) or ELISA (Bottom Panel).