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Qualitative Histology

,Qualification of labeling is an essential part of the histologist’s work. Before quantification, antibody labeling or staining quality must be validated in terms of plausibility and specificity, optimal labeling conditions, textural labeling pattern and distribution.

Proper qualification requires in deep knowledge that we can offer through experienced staff and a wide network of consultancy. PsychoGenics holds a database of hundreds of validated antibody markers and routinely tests new primary antibodies against operational and, if available, biological negative and/or positive controls.

A second branch of qualitative work covers the biodistribution of compounds within tissues. PsychoGenics has experience with a plethora of different administration routes and substances. The latter reach from classically eGFP labeled viral vectors to nanoparticles, treatment antibodies and fluorescent dyes to flagged und unflagged proteins.

Figure 1: Antibody validation of MAP2 + Iba1 + CD68 triple labeling counterstained with DAPI in a model of Tauopathy (Tg4510): Exclusion of non-specific secondary binding in standard operational negative controls (OPNC) with omitted primary antibody exposure .

Figure 2: Exemplar images for innate eGFP fluorescence of AAV after bilateral injection in three different samples at different Bregma levels.