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Samples and Sectioning

PsychoGenics has its expertise in the nervous system but is not limited to provide sectioning and staining services for any kind of tissue. We are also happy to prepare organs for standard tox reading based on the RENI (revised guides for organ sampling and trimming in rats and mice). This can include trimming and embedding, only, but also standard sectioning, staining and imaging. We are equipped for the three main standard embedding procedures (Cryo, Paraffin, Plastic) and the respective microtomes for sectioning. We are happy to advise for best preparation of samples for quantitative histology, which usually requires Uniform Systematic Random (USR) sampling (Figure 2) to ensure comparability and reproducibility.

Figure 1: Example of cryo-embedding procedure for spinal cord. In this case all parts of the spinal cord can be evaluated on one section.

Figure 2: USR protocols for large (upper) and small (lower) samples.