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E. Leahy, M. Varney and D. Brunner

SEP-363856, a novel, first-in-class drug treatment being developed by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, showed robust therapeutic effects in patients diagnosed with schizophrenia across a broad range of disabling symptoms including positive, negative, depressive, and general psychopathology symptoms, with a safety profile similar to placebo. SmartCube® – PsychoGenics’ proprietary mouse-based phenotypic platform, in combination with anti-target screening, was used as part of a phenotypic screening effort that identified SEP-363856. SmartCube® employs computer vision and artificial intelligence to extract and analyze behavioral data for central nervous system disorders. SEP-363856 does not interact with dopamine D2 nor with 5HT2A receptors that mediate the effects of currently available antipsychotic agents. The SmartCube® platform thus represents an effective approach to the discovery and development of the next generation of breakthrough treatments for schizophrenia and other neuropsychiatric disorders.