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A novel phenotypic approach to CNS drug discovery

November 10, 2022 · Drug Discovery World

The newest addition to the free DDW podcast is the In Conversation With series, where DDW speaks with members of the drug discovery industry about their work and how it helps turn science into business.   

In this latest episode, DDW’s Megan Thomas speaks with Dr Mark Varney, the Chief Scientific Officer at PsychoGenics, who discusses both his and the company’s work on CNS drug discovery in more detail. 

PsychoGenics has taken a novel approach to CNS drug discovery, as its phenotypic approach can deliver treatments that work via novel, unknown or multiple mechanisms. Phenotypic screening has accurately predicted better therapeutic activity with fewer side effects for CNS disorders, leading to the identification of some of the most efficacious drug candidates. PsychoGenics’ phenotypic drug discovery significantly reduces the time and cost to reaching approved Investigational New Drug (IND) status, resulting in the identification of a viable drug candidate from a few hundred analogs tested in lead optimisation in just over a year.

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