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Trusted by Disease Foundations for Decades. Discover Your Next Breakthrough with PsychoGenics.

At PsychoGenics, we understand the complexities that disease research foundations encounter in their pursuit of developing treatments for a wide range of disorders, especially those related to the central nervous system (CNS). Our decades-long partnerships with many disease research foundations have equipped us with a deep understanding of the unique challenges associated with disease-specific discovery. We have extensive expertise to help you evaluate and/or validate the best rodent disease models and identify translational endpoints to assess promising treatments.

Our Comprehensive Services

Accelerate your discovery programs with our cutting-edge approach to research, including our AI-driven drug discovery platforms and analytical tools. We have extensive capabilities (described below) and provide customized solutions and study designs to address the specific goals of your discovery programs.

PsychoGenics researchers’ broad expertise spans diverse testing approaches, with a focus on optimal study design and data interpretation. Our specialty lies in identifying statistically relevant phenotypic changes in rodent disease models and tractable endpoints to enhance the reproducibility and translatability to the clinic.

Our capabilities include:

  • Behavioral Testing (motor function, cognition, anxiety, pain, social interaction, etc.)
  • Biomarker Analysis (DNA, RNA, Proteins, posttranslational modifications, etc.)
  • Transcript Analysis by Quantitative RT-PCR & RNAScope
  • EEG Studies (Sleep, qEEG, Seizures, AEPs)
  • In-Vivo and Slice Electrophysiology
  • Quantitative, Automated High Throughput Histology & Immunohistochemistry
  • Neurochemical and Protein Assessment by Microdialysis and Bioanalysis
  • In-Vivo & Ex-Vivo Receptor Occupancy using digital real-time autoradiography system
  • Pharmacokinetic combined with Protein Binding Services

Trusted by:

With over 400 repeat clients, you know you can trust your discovery programs – and more – with PsychoGenics.


All studies are blinded, randomized, and are run with controls following SOPs. QC checks are employed at every step in the process. Staff are trained and retrained annually, and statistics are defined upfront.


Our researchers offer broad expertise and deep experience in running studies on all treatment approaches and targets, and in data interpretation.


We employ automation in most aspects of our work to eliminate bias and error. In addition, we use AI tools to extract and analyze data to provide meaningful information to support critical decisions.


Every study is optimally powered and designed with expert scientific input to meet the needs of our clients.

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